Why I love Heels


Heels are sexy, edgy, and only women can wear them.

It’s not only for the looks but it also makes us, women, feel sexier and powerful. With great set of heels we can rule the world.

Men bow to our beauty and we set the course of their destiny. Women are the choosers in the mating game and heels gives us options.

Heels can re-ignite romantic flames or turn a flicker into a burning hot flame.

There was one incident I want to tell you guys about a night where we got a limo for a night and I was where my most proud sexiest heels and I was not with anybody at the time and all the girls began complimenting on my heels and we were just sitting there talking about heels the whole ride while the boys were perplexed at why we were so into what about mere heels. But let it be know there is power in some great pair of heels. The limousine was fancy and it was the perfect night to wear it.

Heels make us stand tall (literally and figuratively) and heels serve us well when we feel low.

Next time your lonely and single, just wear some heels, put some red lip stick on, and take yourself out on a date.

They lied, it doesn’t take two to tango. It only takes you and your heels. 🙂

I started wearing heels when I was a teenager, back then most of my friends didn’t even own a pair. I was the odd one because I had a fascination with them and I would be in my room trying on different pairs that I got from my mom’s closet and check myself out in the mirror, I would do this for hours. And when I looked up my mom would be calling from me from downstairs calling me for dinner and it would already be dark out.

My feet would be sore from all of trying on and off, but I wouldn’t care I just loved the heels so much that I would go about this routine relentlessly each day.

Come college my fascination with heels grew, and I would begin getting Louis Vuitton magazines and check out there incredible heels that I could not afford. But because my desire for them was so great I would get various jobs to try to get them. See heels made me more productive and got me jobs.

I believe it has done more good for me then bad. Besides the sore feet and some serious dough I have invested in heels, the way it makes you feel makes it all the more worth it. It has been vital for my self-esteem and has fueled a passion-driven business where I now design heels for a living. You see me and my heels have an inseparable relationship.

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