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The best idea for this Valentines?


So with Valentines quickly approaching people are trying to get with others on different ideas they can do for the special day of the year. Honestly I never had that much to do during this of the year because I was never good at keeping promises and being committed in relationship. But I digress.

I still love this time of the year because I think love is special and its one of the most important thing in life, considering that when are all born out of love. But romance to me is whole different ball game from mating relationship.

If you think you are okay with just a regular relationship you could be dead wrong and in for a lifetime of boredom and misery. I was in your typical “normal” relationship. everything was fine and daddy, we never did anything crazy, we were only together certain amount of times so we wouldn’t get sick of each others, friends on facebook accepted us and we thought we had everything managed.

Until 1 day I picked up various audiobook that I started listening to that began to change my thinking and my goals. I rediscovered my dream of becoming a designer of heels while my boyfriend was getting arrested with DUI’s I felt stuck in a toxic relationship.

And I think he felt that because he too also began to resent me. Without going into all gore details of the story I want to just say that it was just done before we could finish it properly.


Like a plane caught in blazing fire, everything came falling down and raining frogs like chicken doolittle as they say.

You know you are in trouble when you view your relationship like the picture above. Anyway enough about the past,…

I do want to meet a guy this valentines and I was thinking about various fun things we can do for it.

Here is my top 5 list you can do during Valentines

  1. Renting a limousine and go to Frankenmuth, MI: There are many amazing restaurants in this town and its a great place a date, limo ride gives you much leisure during the ride! and you can drink inside the vehicle!
  2. go to a chocolate factor: what could be a more perfect fit than going to a chocolate factory or cheese factory like WIllie Wonka during Valentines! I’ve done this before and most places have factory tours during this day which is awesome!
  3. Go Snowboarding / Skiing: When you feel like you want to catch the last wave of snow and winter, go snowboarding on Valentines I promise you will be the coolest amongst your friends to do something so active during this day
  4. Go to a movie: although not as creative and exciting as above ideas, not everyone can do those things because it can be quite expensive. Movies are still my favorite thing to do during Valentines because its cheap and there’s good movies during this time of the year
  5. Re-visit college bars: this is a great idea to schedule a short little event on Facebook and get everyone together once again for a crazy big bash at the college you went to. You will have to make it extra legendary by taking few shots before you head out 😉


So I hope you take the time to go out and make a special event for Valentines. Don’t let my sob story deter you but inspire to do much much better lol.

-rock my heels signing out