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New party for Saturday Night

I want to talk about a a party last night that was quite memorable, we gathered around Novi, MI and it was snowed in and everyone was just sitting there bored and hungry so we decided to get some pizza some pepperoni ones too it was quite delicious lol, we are doing nothing but watching NETFLIX and this is everyone going HAM on the pizza.

We are going to flour town and there is no where else but heart of Novi that is so awesome than the charcoal grilled pizza down town.

This place has quite delicious pizza so we were quite happy with our night. I was also taking notes on what people like about pizza because I heard that you can tell alot about a business by looking at their signature cheese pizza product. It is core of their product so they are bringing the best product for this main product.

So this is what we do day in and day out order pizza and get monstrous big lol, we are doing so much excercise but not able to lose any weight. So there is this notion that all gluten is bad, I’m not sure about that because I’ve had some the other day and it was fantastic.

My body was fine!

Anyway we were really bored so my friend decided to get a limo service from nearby. and it was such a fantastic idea, I loved every minute of it the music was awesome the lights were great the driver was super friendly and the ride was super smooth

we went to a nearby club called 29 and it was a pretty cool menu i think we were still bogged down a little bit from the continuous pizza intake that night but it was fine because we had some beer and wine and it was feeling good in my mind. hehe

the best time to go out is after a good meal, and this is a great time to get some dancing going to burn some calories.

so we were on the dance floor dancing away and it was fun and all, my friends were having fun. So I was having fun. That is the best thing to do in my opinion.

There is always a willing party in the niche to be having a great time. It will happen time and time again. I love the dance steps because it burns calories fast and super fun.

Limousines are so great as well because you get the ride taken care of so you literally don’t have to worry about a DUI! And on the way back the limousine was fantastic as well because the driver was there ready to pick us up. So let’s just go out there and have fun was his attitude. The best thing is coming soon. so I will wait till a good idea come soon for new heels, because sometimes a girl has to have fun.

So that’s it for now folks, I found a new limo company that’s wonderful..