Finding New Path in Life

Any of you watch this crazy video? Yea ridiculous…

I was visiting a friend in Ann Arbor, MI and was staying in because of the ridiculous Michigan weather that’s like freezing cold and ice on the roads. Its super dangerous here and You know I would like to go out more but you just can’t in this weather you seriously risk dieing its just that crazy and not worth it at all!

So I was talking to my friend about life and stuff and my recent break up with my boyfriend and how I want to create a new life and move on and not look back. I even talked about moving out of Michigan. And looking at the video like above I’m more leaning towards that option. Wouldn’t it be great to just being able to go to any part of the country settle down for a minute, and just relax for a while? It would make life so much easier and I would be in heaven most times. Not having to get up to this icy mess in Michigan.

My friend who has been living in Michigan his whole life says it doesn’t really phase him to live in this kind of weather even though Ann Arbor was snowed in the night I was staying and we couldn’t even go out to the local bars. This is why he suggested we just get some drinks stay in and watch a movie when all seriousness I was looking to go out to the bars…

oh well maybe next time.

The next thing we decided to is like what’s the best and worst thing about Michigan? We wanted to make a list so I will show you

Best and Worst Thing about Michigan List 2015

  1. We have our high school friends here
  2. its ant arctic here
  3. pot holes on the roads
  4. no seafood
  5. too long of weather
  6. no sunshine
  7. family is here which can be either good or bad thing
  8. the sports teams are decent but lions are awful
  9. cool cities like Ann Arbor
  10. Too many old memories

Now can you guess which ones are a good thing and which are not? My friend determinately wants to stay in Michigan as he just got a job with local Ann Arbor limo rental company with pretty amazing fleet. I guess he now handles booking for them on a daily basis and people call in from all over time looking to figure out how to make an epic night of adventures, and after watching that video I think its not a bad idea to get a limo because if you don’t have to worry about driving in the ice, you will have a professional driver take you around, you can just relax, and if you aregoing to slip in some crazy black ice conditions you are going to slip and wreck anyways why not just do it in class.

like james bond or marlon brando

I would like that kind of way to go out, just feeling classy and going out with a bang like a celebrity they always become immortal. all the good die young as they say, we don’t even know if we will make to the next 50 years of our lives the way Earth is currently going through its changes just yesterday I saw this picture on google.


I’ve never felt an earth quake so maybe I will go to California and feel it for myself and then open up my own little store there. And then I probably need to revamp this site a bit and make it more robust possibly add a email lead form. The reason I made this site so bare was because I kind of wanted to remain annoynmous and just do things covertly on the internet. because I’m sharing with you some of my deepest secrets but who know pretty soon I will graduate from all of it and get out there.

As I talked to my friend and he kept on wanted to talk about his new job and how cool his limo company owner was. I came to the conclusion that either I will find a job soon in Michigan or I need to get out of here and find a new path in life.

Only time will tell

till then TTYS