About Rock the Heels


Hello my name is Laura and I design heels for a living.

I will be blogging about art, fashion, heels, & life in general.

My dream is to travel to Europe and visit all the art galleries and museums for a month straight.

I am artsy kind of girl, and have always been into art and fashion.

My current favorite model is her:

fdShe is my idol, she can sing and models like a true pro.

Her face is really beautiful and I want to design Heels for girls like her.

Exotic clothes will  look amazing for her…

Anyway I will be blogging about my general life as well, the mundane stuff you know like getting carpet cleaning or finding a new apartment. You get to have an insight into what it’s like to live as a fashion artist, is it really possible to earn a living from it?

What makes artists like us successful what makes us fail?

Where do we draw inspiration?

What are our goals?

In this modern age, many people begin striving towards achieving dreams versus merely existing to survive. We have our survival needs met so how do we stay motivated to work hard and succeed in life? When all others are sitting around doing nothing I want to work and turn my time into gold.

Let’s see what happens.

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