New party for Saturday Night

I want to talk about a a party last night that was quite memorable, we gathered around Novi, MI and it was snowed in and everyone was just sitting there bored and hungry so we decided to get some pizza some pepperoni ones too it was quite delicious lol, we are doing nothing but watching NETFLIX and this is everyone going HAM on the pizza.

We are going to flour town and there is no where else but heart of Novi that is so awesome than the charcoal grilled pizza down town.

This place has quite delicious pizza so we were quite happy with our night. I was also taking notes on what people like about pizza because I heard that you can tell alot about a business by looking at their signature cheese pizza product. It is core of their product so they are bringing the best product for this main product.

So this is what we do day in and day out order pizza and get monstrous big lol, we are doing so much excercise but not able to lose any weight. So there is this notion that all gluten is bad, I’m not sure about that because I’ve had some the other day and it was fantastic.

My body was fine!

Anyway we were really bored so my friend decided to get a limo service from nearby. and it was such a fantastic idea, I loved every minute of it the music was awesome the lights were great the driver was super friendly and the ride was super smooth

we went to a nearby club called 29 and it was a pretty cool menu i think we were still bogged down a little bit from the continuous pizza intake that night but it was fine because we had some beer and wine and it was feeling good in my mind. hehe

the best time to go out is after a good meal, and this is a great time to get some dancing going to burn some calories.

so we were on the dance floor dancing away and it was fun and all, my friends were having fun. So I was having fun. That is the best thing to do in my opinion.

There is always a willing party in the niche to be having a great time. It will happen time and time again. I love the dance steps because it burns calories fast and super fun.

Limousines are so great as well because you get the ride taken care of so you literally don’t have to worry about a DUI! And on the way back the limousine was fantastic as well because the driver was there ready to pick us up. So let’s just go out there and have fun was his attitude. The best thing is coming soon. so I will wait till a good idea come soon for new heels, because sometimes a girl has to have fun.

So that’s it for now folks, I found a new limo company that’s wonderful..


The best idea for this Valentines?


So with Valentines quickly approaching people are trying to get with others on different ideas they can do for the special day of the year. Honestly I never had that much to do during this of the year because I was never good at keeping promises and being committed in relationship. But I digress.

I still love this time of the year because I think love is special and its one of the most important thing in life, considering that when are all born out of love. But romance to me is whole different ball game from mating relationship.

If you think you are okay with just a regular relationship you could be dead wrong and in for a lifetime of boredom and misery. I was in your typical “normal” relationship. everything was fine and daddy, we never did anything crazy, we were only together certain amount of times so we wouldn’t get sick of each others, friends on facebook accepted us and we thought we had everything managed.

Until 1 day I picked up various audiobook that I started listening to that began to change my thinking and my goals. I rediscovered my dream of becoming a designer of heels while my boyfriend was getting arrested with DUI’s I felt stuck in a toxic relationship.

And I think he felt that because he too also began to resent me. Without going into all gore details of the story I want to just say that it was just done before we could finish it properly.


Like a plane caught in blazing fire, everything came falling down and raining frogs like chicken doolittle as they say.

You know you are in trouble when you view your relationship like the picture above. Anyway enough about the past,…

I do want to meet a guy this valentines and I was thinking about various fun things we can do for it.

Here is my top 5 list you can do during Valentines

  1. Renting a limousine and go to Frankenmuth, MI: There are many amazing restaurants in this town and its a great place a date, limo ride gives you much leisure during the ride! and you can drink inside the vehicle!
  2. go to a chocolate factor: what could be a more perfect fit than going to a chocolate factory or cheese factory like WIllie Wonka during Valentines! I’ve done this before and most places have factory tours during this day which is awesome!
  3. Go Snowboarding / Skiing: When you feel like you want to catch the last wave of snow and winter, go snowboarding on Valentines I promise you will be the coolest amongst your friends to do something so active during this day
  4. Go to a movie: although not as creative and exciting as above ideas, not everyone can do those things because it can be quite expensive. Movies are still my favorite thing to do during Valentines because its cheap and there’s good movies during this time of the year
  5. Re-visit college bars: this is a great idea to schedule a short little event on Facebook and get everyone together once again for a crazy big bash at the college you went to. You will have to make it extra legendary by taking few shots before you head out 😉


So I hope you take the time to go out and make a special event for Valentines. Don’t let my sob story deter you but inspire to do much much better lol.

-rock my heels signing out


Finding New Path in Life

Any of you watch this crazy video? Yea ridiculous…

I was visiting a friend in Ann Arbor, MI and was staying in because of the ridiculous Michigan weather that’s like freezing cold and ice on the roads. Its super dangerous here and You know I would like to go out more but you just can’t in this weather you seriously risk dieing its just that crazy and not worth it at all!

So I was talking to my friend about life and stuff and my recent break up with my boyfriend and how I want to create a new life and move on and not look back. I even talked about moving out of Michigan. And looking at the video like above I’m more leaning towards that option. Wouldn’t it be great to just being able to go to any part of the country settle down for a minute, and just relax for a while? It would make life so much easier and I would be in heaven most times. Not having to get up to this icy mess in Michigan.

My friend who has been living in Michigan his whole life says it doesn’t really phase him to live in this kind of weather even though Ann Arbor was snowed in the night I was staying and we couldn’t even go out to the local bars. This is why he suggested we just get some drinks stay in and watch a movie when all seriousness I was looking to go out to the bars…

oh well maybe next time.

The next thing we decided to is like what’s the best and worst thing about Michigan? We wanted to make a list so I will show you

Best and Worst Thing about Michigan List 2015

  1. We have our high school friends here
  2. its ant arctic here
  3. pot holes on the roads
  4. no seafood
  5. too long of weather
  6. no sunshine
  7. family is here which can be either good or bad thing
  8. the sports teams are decent but lions are awful
  9. cool cities like Ann Arbor
  10. Too many old memories

Now can you guess which ones are a good thing and which are not? My friend determinately wants to stay in Michigan as he just got a job with local Ann Arbor limo rental company with pretty amazing fleet. I guess he now handles booking for them on a daily basis and people call in from all over time looking to figure out how to make an epic night of adventures, and after watching that video I think its not a bad idea to get a limo because if you don’t have to worry about driving in the ice, you will have a professional driver take you around, you can just relax, and if you aregoing to slip in some crazy black ice conditions you are going to slip and wreck anyways why not just do it in class.

like james bond or marlon brando

I would like that kind of way to go out, just feeling classy and going out with a bang like a celebrity they always become immortal. all the good die young as they say, we don’t even know if we will make to the next 50 years of our lives the way Earth is currently going through its changes just yesterday I saw this picture on google.


I’ve never felt an earth quake so maybe I will go to California and feel it for myself and then open up my own little store there. And then I probably need to revamp this site a bit and make it more robust possibly add a email lead form. The reason I made this site so bare was because I kind of wanted to remain annoynmous and just do things covertly on the internet. because I’m sharing with you some of my deepest secrets but who know pretty soon I will graduate from all of it and get out there.

As I talked to my friend and he kept on wanted to talk about his new job and how cool his limo company owner was. I came to the conclusion that either I will find a job soon in Michigan or I need to get out of here and find a new path in life.

Only time will tell

till then TTYS

Break up, New Goals for 2015, New Life


hello everyone.

Let’s start off this blog with a BAM, right before we entered 2015 I broke up with my long time boyfriend of 5 years. PHEW

I don’t want to bore you with the details, but let’s just say it involved a broken down car, towing company, and alcohol.

I can’t blame it all on the car or the booze, this thing was long time in the making. Basically we spent too much time with each other and frankly both of us were becoming bored. He was moving away to another state while I have my heel designing job I can’t leave. I am going somewhere in life while he has been a bum for too long.

I do not exaggerate when I say…

it was time for a change.

We think that best moments in life is when we get the relationship, or the job, or the car we want, but really those only bring us fleeting comfort. The best moments in life are often wrapped in some kind of trauma. We realize they were the best moments only in hindsight, when we are in these life changing experiences it is often uncomfortable and unpleasant. It’s not till later on we realize the true value, I believe this is why we call these

“blessing in disguise”

and let me assure you this break up thing was no different. I had dread for a while, basically because I was afraid of being single again. After being in a relationship for 5 years, you grow accustomed to it. And humans grow comfort in one situation and we sort of not just stay at that level but slowly slide down in power, intelligence, and sexiness because we are no longer pushing ourselves and we get lazy. I have found this to be incredibly true, and painstakingly so.

I noticed that my relationship was actually slowing me down in my profession. I would be at work designing my newest heels but part of me is still thinking about a dumb fight I had the night before with my boyfriend.

It was time for a change.

I don’t want to go into the details but there was an incident that broke the camel’s back as they say.

We were getting ready for new years and having few drinks, my boyfriend decides to take his buddies out to get more drinks which I adamantly try to stop. But they weren’t having it and turned out 10 min after their trip they were pulled over by a police. Long story short they got my car towed and they went to jail for drunk driving. Enough was enough, I didn’t even want to bail him at this point. I called it quits and broke up. That was the end of that, I haven’t talked to him since.

I celebrated New Years with just me and my roommate and we decided to make new goals for ourselves in 2015.

  1. don’t date a dumb guy ever again
  2. get back into shape
  3. design 1 new heel per month
  4. save money for Euro trip
  5. make new group of friends

a simple list that I wrote down on paper and stuck on the wall of my room, right above my computer that way I can look at it each and every day.

I am ready for a new life, although it can be a bit traumatic at first, I know deep in my heart everything happened for the best, so now after couple weeks I am over it and can talk about it and blog.

I am ready for the new life.

Let me know what resolution or changes you are making this upcoming year.

Happy New Years!